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Michael Shynes – Through the Fire Lyrics

Michael Shynes: Facebook:… Instagram: Youtube Channel:… Lyrics Hey its amazing, the subtle games that you are playing And you don’t even know I exist, but you have got me on your hitlist And you’re conspiring, girl you are sexual and violent Now you got this

Grey – Want You Back ft LÉON Lyrics

Want you back Lyrics by Grey ft LÉON Like a coat that I sold in the summer Now I’m cold, and I want you back Want you back Like an old baby doll that some other kid stole I want you back Want you back Digging out your old letters Sleeping in your old sweater Guess I should’ve known

Tom Walker – You & I

You & I Lyrics by Tom Walker Let's get drunk I'll pour my heart out through my mouth This year's been hard for us no doubt Let's raise a glass to a better one And all the things that we've overcome Are bring home to us 'cause Me and you we can hold this out Only you understand