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Katrina Stone – Your Favorite Song Video & Lyrics

There ain't nothing like sunshine and air To make you feel you like you don´t have a care There ain't no one else around but you So here's is exactly what you're gona to do Take your hands and dig deep into your soul Let yourself lose control Turn it up

Michael Shynes – Cursive Lyrics

Michael Shynes - Cursive Lyrics You know want to know what I'm into We can start with a blindfold You know the love goes deep baby Tell what you in for I'm over the hill, and under the brakes Over the pain, and under the faith Over the past, wash it

Mike Arnoult ft Trella – Electrocute Me Lyrics

Mike Arnoult ft Trella - Electrocute Me Lyrics I smell the lemon in your hair As I lay there Oh oh oooh ooh I smell the amber in your skin As you held me back then You wrapped me up in a simple love We didn't need much We didn't need much You take my breath with the words

Toxic Hearts – Freedom Lyrics

Taking this blindfold off To see what this life's all about Threw my virtues to the on ground Drinking from the devil's cup Take that pill Drink it down Flashing lights all around High as hell Drunk like I finally don´t give a f....cause I'm I'm breaking all rules tonight I'm not going down without a fight As long as I'm still breathing Doesn't

Nate Rose – Just Be Lyrics

  [Image is not Nate Rose] Nate Rose - Just Be LyricsTalk on road I made a name for myselfCan't lie, I'm doing well for my ageMy dog say they praying on my downfallWell, they just choosing a casket now they souls in a grave Ima start right, gotta bark rightI induce pain,